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Junior High District Cross Country Results


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Howdy all,

“You can’t make a great play unless you do it first in practice.”  - Chuck Noll

Yesterday the Junior High finished their CC season.  It is difficult to put into words what these athletes accomplished.  Since August they have been rising to greet the sun and working in practice to gain confidence.  Monday they ran 4 miles for the boys and 3.5 miles for the ladies.  They would have walked away if this would have been given them in August.  Slowly we became better and hopefully they will continue their success in Cross Country in the future. 

We started the afternoon with the ladies.  We had no teams running yet the girls ran great.  We had no ladies medal but their times all improved from the (September meet).

7th grade ladies

                Mariah Gomez                                  13th                                         14:45 (15:35)

                Nivea Sanchez                                   21st                                         15:43 (16:48)

                8th grade ladies

                Allison Marshall                                13th                                         14:54 (16:04)

                Alize Sanchez                                     20th                                         15:34 (17:03)

                Lauryn Cardenas                              26th                                         15:45 (15:44)

                Hannah Marin                                   37th                                         17:07 (18:05)

It was exciting to see the improvement the ladies made.  The greatest joy was watching the hearts change in the 8th graders.  Last year they walked much of their practice times and walked during the races including last year’s district race.  However this year they fought through pain and ran with will and determination.  I would like to mention the help of Cheyenne Pulliam who hurt herself in the first race at New Braunfels.  She was at practice every day and took times and was like my assistant coach to the ladies. 

We saved the best for last.  It has been 10 years since the Lytle Junior High has been graced with Champion Seventh and Eighth grade teams in Cross Country.  The District Championship W flag flies over Lytle Junior High.  I knew the 8th grade boys would win the championship but the 7th grade boys finished fourth in the district teams at the Inspire meet.  We began to see that the pain given in practice would benefit them in their races.  We ended up with 4 8th grade boys placing in the top 10 and 3 7th grade boys medaling.  They trained for times and they all excelled in their meet.  With these two teams we just reload from the graduating classes the next two year. 

                7th grade boys – 48 Points

                David Silva                           2nd –Medalist                     12:18 (12:45)

                Alec Ybarra                         5th – Medalist                     12:56 (13:30)

                Mateo Salinas                    8th – Medalist                     13:17 (18:06)

                Ezequil Reyes                    15th                                         13:40 (15:04)

                Donovan Cortez               18th                                         13:46 (15:48)

                Omar Olalde                       45th                                         17:49 (18:35)


                8th grade boys – 43 points

                Jared Aguinaga                 2nd – Medalist                    11:20 (12:36)

                Malakai Garza                    6th – Medalist                     11:57 (12:42)

                Ryan Gomez                      8th – Medalist                     12:27 (14:28)

                Miguel-Angel Lopez        9th – Medalist                     12:28 (13:33)

                Faustino Ruiz                     18th                                         12:52 (13:45)

                Michael Tomlinson          20th                                         13:04 (14:31)

                Jose Cortez                         22nd                                        13:11 (DNR inj)

                Zachary Bradshaw           24th                                         13:27 (14:37)

                Tyler Link                             36th                                         16:34 (17:39)

It was a joy to watch them run with Jake Ivey, State Champion from 2013 team.  He was amazed to see the talent of these lads and talked of how bright the future could be.  These athletes have made this year of coaching CC a joy.  Thank you to all the parents who got their children to practice, came to the meets and encouraged them to achieve. 

I hope you don’t mind the long write ups but I am very proud of their accomplishments and the local paper’s coverage of our Junior High athletics is substandard.  I have stories of growth and courage of each of these athletes.  Malakai Garza set a goal in my Teen Leadership class to medal in every race this year.  He accomplished this great feat.  I gave these runners times to reach and they went through the roof.  In 2007 the 8th grade boys were the CC champions and football District Champions.  We got ours and hand the baton to the football team.  Good Skill in Devine on your first step toward a district championship.  As the Aggies say, BTHO Devine. 

“We run with enthusiasm and recklessness. We aren’t afraid to lose.  If we win, great.  But win or lose, it is the competition that gives us pleasure.” Adapted from a quote from Joe Paterno

I’m out until 8th grade girls pumpkin ball.

Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Junior High

Cross Country

I Cor 9:24 win the prize

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