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JH Solo and Ensemble Results

This past Friday, we hosted a Solo and Ensemble competition for our students. Thirty-three events earned a 1st Division, 5 events earned a 2nd Division, and only 1 earned a 3rd Division.  Mr. Fender and I are proud of the hard work our students did in preparation for this contest.  This is the only contest in which our students do the bulk of the work themselves.  Please join us for our spring concert coming up on Monday, May 21st at 7 pm in the High School Auditorium. 

MJ Robles,

JH Band

JH Band.jpg
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2018 Student Showcase a Huge Success

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

Showcase visitor, James Miller had this to say, "We had a great time. To see all the hard work everyone put in to all the projects was great. I even learned of a few programs that Lytle offers that I had no idea. I am a plumber and I learned of the plumbers program offered. The robotics club and all of the computer related programs are great. Thank you to all and the hard work put into the showcase!" 

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

New Pirate LookOut! Program Volunteers Add Extra Protective Watch on Campuses


We want to thank our Pirate LookOut! Volunteers. We've had 5 parent volunteers help so far, adding an extra protective watch over our campuses this week. We also thank our local law enforcement for their service and support. Atascosa and Medina County deputies as well as Lytle police are regularly on Pirate LookOut! at our campuses. Lytle ISD staff, students, and our families can't thank you enough for your daily support and vigilance.

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Staff’s Quick Action, Expertise and AED Save Teacher’s Life

  See photos from the Woodruff Hero Recognition April Board Meeting Google Photo Album:

See photos from the Woodruff Hero Recognition April Board Meeting Google Photo Album:

Junior High teacher, Mrs. Mary Woodruff began to feel very bad during the school day on March 22, 2018. She sought assistance from Nurse Belinda Soto in the High School Nurse’s clinic. Mr. William Cross noticed the potential problem and came in to assist. As Mrs. Woodruff’s condition worsened, Nurse Soto and Mr. Cross made a couple quick radio and phone calls that resulted in Medina County Sheriff Deputy Tim Finnerty, Atascosa County Sheriff Deputy Daniel Hernandez, and Nurse Juanita Black arriving to help. Mrs. Woodruff declined to the point of losing consciousness and the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) available in the Nurse’s clinic was attached and powered on to monitor Mrs. Woodruff's heart activity, and dictate the nurses’ actions. Shocks were administered and CPR performed to keep Mrs. Woodruff alive. With EMS on the way, several other staff members, Erica Camacho, Christina Morales, Esther Henderson, Jennifer Criswell, and Erika Sadler cleared the hallways of students, made sure doors were opened, and enabled Mrs. Woodruff to be loaded and transported by EMS to a local hospital as quickly as possible.

The quick, calm and expert action from all involved saved Mrs. Woodruff’s life. At a recent board meeting, her family showed up to express their thanks. They especially recognized Athletic Trainer and Teacher, Coach Jonathan Jones for his part in writing a grant last year that enable the district to buy two AEDs for the Junior High and High School that are easily accessible in the office areas. (Before there was only one located in the High School gym area.) Mrs. Woodruff told the Board of Trustees that each staff member involved was her personal hero. Her husband took a long look around the room at each of his wife’s “heros” and tearfully said, “I do not have the words to truly express my thanks. You all saved the love of my life. I don't know what I would have done had you all not taken such good care of her that day.”

See photos from the Woodruff Hero Recognition April Board Meeting Google Photo Album:

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Pearsall District Meet 3-29-18

Thursday March 29, 2018, the girls participated in the 2018 District meet which was held in Pearsall.

Overall, the girls did a great job.


7th grade Results:

4x100 M Relay—6th place with a time of  57.84

Moriah Gomez, Marissa Lopez, Cadee Martinez, and Natalie Pacheco


4x400 M Relay—6th Place with a time of 5:26.81

Jadyn Boroquez, Alexandrea Cabrera, Yadhira Mendez, and Natalie Williams


Shot put—1st Place with a distance of 33’0”

Natalie Pacheco

JH Girls track.jpg



3rd place –Dakota Tumblinson with a distance of 65’10”

4th Place—Natalie Pacheco with a distance of 65’2”


800 M Run-3rd Place with a time of 2:47.64

Moriah Gomez


1600 M Run—5th place with a time of 6:31.08

Moriah Gomez


High Jump—Tied for 6th place with a jump of 4’0”

Morgan Walker


8th Grade Results

4x400 M Relay—6th Place with a time of 5:22.30

Alize Sanchez, Selena Lopez, Allison Marshall, and Marisa Martinez


4x200 M Relay—5th Place with a time of 2:12.21

Daphne Perez, Emerald Muraira, Alize Sanchez, and Allison Marshall


Shot Put—2nd Place with a distance of 35’ 5 ½”

April Bodie


Discus-2nd Place with a distance of 87’0”

April Bodie


800 M Run –2nd Place with a time of 2:45.27

Allison Marshall

8th girls.jpg


We would like to thank EVERYONE for their time, support, and kind words of wisdom that helped encouraged the ladies to stay on track and focused.


Denise Cordero


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JH Boys Track and Field teams at Pearsall

Last Thursday the Junior High Track and Field teams had their district meet in Pearsall and the boys came out and performed well. 

The 7th grade team had many top finalist in running and field events. Starting with Aleczavier Ybarra, who finished 3rd in the 800 M Run, David Silva, who finished 3rd in High Jump and 4th in Triple Jump, and Alexander Medina, who finished 6th in Discus.

The 8th grade team also competed well and came out with many District Champs in their events. Starting with Ryan Gomez, who finished 2nd in the 800 M Run and 4th in the 1600 M Run, Isael Andrade, who finished 3rd in the 800 M Run, Jose Cortez, who finished 3rd in the 1600 M Run, Cecilio Olivarri, who finished 3rd in the 110 M Hurdles, 4x100 M Relay Team, Elias Hernandez, Michael Tomlinson, Cort Haltom, and Zak Placido, finished 4th, Zak Placido, who finished 4th in High Jump, Cort Haltom, who finished 2nd in Shot Put and 1st in Discus and is now the back to back District Champ in Discus, and the event that the Pirates dominated in was the Pole Vault with Miguel Angel Lopez finishing 4th, Matthew Eldredge finishing 2nd, and Jeremiah Flores finishing 1st and is the District Champ in Pole Vault. 

It was a great season and every track meet we participated in the athletes got better. We are proud of every single one of these young athletes who stuck it out, came to every single practice, and made themselves better every day. 7th grade athletes now have one year of athletic experience under them and now they know what to expect for next year. 8th grade athletes are now no longer junior high athletes and now need to get ready to compete with High School competition and I believe most of them are prepared and ready for that. I am excited to see how all these athletes future turns out. Track and field is not for every athlete and most athletes do not like participating in it but it makes every athlete better. The will to win means nothing if you have not the will to prepare. Thank you to everyone who supported these athletes all season long. Be excited for the future Pirate Nation and like always, GO PIRATES!!!

Coach Robles   

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Lessons from the Rings - JH District

Last Thursday the Junior High completed their track and athletic season for 2017-18. 

“You can’t win them all but you can try.” – Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias

We seem like we had just started and it was the final throws.  We go into each meet with the goal of finishing in the top 4 because in high school the top four advance to the next round.

I will start with the seventh grade lads.  We were small in stature but giant in heart.  Clarence Patlan  threw a PR of 30’ but failed to place.  Samuel Yruarte and Preston Edge also threw shot.  The Discus throwers had been on the edge of placing all year.  Alex Medina came through and placed sixth with a throw of 79’4”.  This was the first point that the boys scored for the team all year.  Alex made some major corrections by fixing the discus from being released off the back of his hand.  Even though he is the brother of Gabi and Noelia Medina, he earned his spot.  Nicholas Rendon and Joseph Araujo also threw discus.

The seventh grade ladies had some great results.  They scored the most points for the team with 20 points.  Natalie Pacheco won the shot put on her final throw beating the girl from Pleasanton by one inch with a throw of 33’.  Bree Criswell missed 6th place by a few inches throwing a PR of 27’.  Sarah Yruarte was the final thrower for Lytle.  In discus, Dakota Tumlinson’s last throw allowed her to beat Natalie and place 3rd with a nice 65’10” toss.  Natalie placed 4th with a 65’2” throw.  Bree was the final thrower for Lytle.  I am glad these young lads and ladies had success and hopefully they will desire more and realize the work needed to get better. 

The 8th grade ladies threw and competed with the heart that I expected.  Unfortunately they did not get the results they wanted.  The only team I did not know about was Pleasanton.  I knew we could throw with the other schools, however, Pleasanton took three spots in the top 8 keeping Sydney Estrada and Savannah Medrano out of the medals.  April Bodie threw a PR of 87’ in discus placing behind Pleasanton for second and then she threw 35’5.5” to place second in the shot.  She wanted to win but her future is bright and I know this will fuel her to continue to work harder.

Cort Haltom has been carrying the banner for the Lytle 8th grade all year.  He wanted the school record for Junior High but didn’t quite get there but he maintained his crown of District Champion in the Discus by besting the other throwers by 10 feet.  His form is really good and he should adjust well in high school to the heavier implements.  He needed to throw a school record to win the shot but came up just short by throwing over 41’ to place second in the shot.  Jacob Flores and Kasen Boyd threw discus and Jacob Flores and Elias Hernandez threw shot put. 

It was a joy to work with these younglings.  I hope they learned more than the art of the shot and discus this year.  I wish they would have had more than just three throws in the district meet.  The high school throwers played a great part in their success and we throw the next two days for the district in Crystal City.  Hopefully we can continue the success.

“A thrower’s creed:  I will win; if I cannot win, I shall be second; if I cannot be second, I shall be third; if I cannot place at all, I shall do my best.” Adapted from a quote by Ken Doherty


Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Throwers


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Pirate Track & Field Day for Students in Special Ed

Friday before we left for spring break we held our 1st Annual Pirate Track & Field Day for our students in special education as well as students from Medina Valley, Natalia, Somerset, and Devine. There are SO many people, volunteers, and sponsors that we would like to thank, but there is no way I could mention everyone. If you participated or helped or sponsored in any way, thank you so much.

I do want to send out a "shout out" to all Lytle Elementary 5th grade students and teachers. Thank You! Thank You! If you didn’t happen to be there during the time Roberto & Cristobal ran their first race, you missed it! The students and teachers cheered so loudly for these 2 participants that Jay Tope, our announcer, couldn’t even hear himself talk! It was a great moment. It is the exact reason why years ago we began to include all students with special needs in the general education setting.

Overall it was a huge success and we hope to continue this in the future. I do want to thank ALL the teachers that brought their students out to see the event, it was great to see the stands full of Lytle Pirates of all ages. 

The kids are the ones that benefitted the most from this day, both Special Education and General Education. According to sophomore Camryn Hoffman, “Everyone was just filled with love. There was so much happiness, EVERYWHERE. I wish we could do this more than once a year.” 

Thank you Mrs. Migura and Skull Studios. They do an awesome job covering our events. Check out the drone footage!

Robby Pierce
Director of Special Education
Lytle ISD

SA Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Shoot-Out Results.

The Annual San antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Shoot-Out was held February the 15-18th, 2018 at The National Shooting Complex in San Antonio.

The Shoot consisted of Sporting clays, Super Sporting clays, Modified Trap and Trap over the course of 4 days. Each day the shooters would meet up at 8:00 am for a safety brief on which was to ensure each contestant from the age of 9 to 18 to be allowed to compete.

The competition started on Thursday and lasted till Sunday and each day involved every competitor shooting a total of 400 clays over 3 days and the finalist shooting over 500 clays over 4 days to ensure for placings. ended in a 3 way tie with 3 teams

The competitors included over 900 4H members across the state of Texas competed against. 4H members competed for a top prize of a $10.000 Scholarship in each event to include a team trap event.

For the team trap scholarship they took the top 3 individual scores from each county of the state of Texas and added them together. This resulted in a 3 way tie for a shoot off for a $30.000 Scholarship that would be split for each individual.

Three young men from Atascosa county 4H shooting club were one of the three teams, 14 year old Kasen Boyd from Lytle Junior High School, 15 year old Rylan Wagner from Lytle High School, and 15 year old Nathan Ricks from Pleasanton High School. All 3 are members of the Atascosa county 4H Shooting Club and have been shooting since the age of 9. Each member practices weekly and shoots 200-400 birds each day of practice, about 6 weeks prior to the competition.

The other two teams were made up primarily of juniors and seniors but in the shoot off the Atascosa 4H club won. In the addition to the scholarship all 3 shooters also won San antonio Rodeo championship Buckles.


Pic 1.png
pic 2.png

Published by Ronan Galpin.

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Junior High Girls Track - Navarro Meet

Friday our JH girls track team traveled to Navarro ISD, just outside of Seguin, where they competed against some fast, quick, and strong girls. Our girls did their best but came up short.

April Bodie place 1st in Shot put throwing 35’and ½ ‘’

                                2nd place in Discus throwing 75’ 10”

Natalie Pacheco placed 3rd in the throwing 61’ 1”


Thank you to all who are able to attend and for your continues support.

Next meet will be Thursday in Bandera

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6th Grade Social Studies Class Visits Jardin de Mexico

Today I got the pleasure of taking a different group of kids on a field trip to Jardin de Mexico. It was a fun experience for myself and the students. We are learning about culture of Europe in class currently and it was good for the students to see how to apply what we learn in class to the real world.


Thank you,

Megan McCarthy 

6th Grade Social Studies

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Community Involvement Field Trip for Junior High Social Studies

Today my playbook class had the pleasure of visiting Riding High Customs. The owners were excellent hosts explaining each trade associated with automotive restoration and customization, as well as how it is not a male dominated field. The owners were so gracious and allowed the students to pose with vehicles for pictures. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the visit, one student said that all his dreams came true today as he is a car enthusiast.         


Thank you,

Megan McCarthy

6th Grade Social Studies

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Lytle ISD 2018 Atascosa Stock Show Results

Now that the dust has settled,

Here are the results of Lytle FFA and 4H students and how they did at the 2018 County Show. Lytle ISD livestock showers did extremely well, better than maybe ever, as far as almost every student placing and getting in the sale that culminates the show last Saturday.


Ag Mechanics had division champions and reserve champion in 3 of 9 divisions.

·         Devin Diver, Matt Swinney, and Skylar Roberts won their division with a 14’ gate sponsored by the Roberts family.

·         Although, Jr. High, Case Conover, won his division in tractor restoration, bringing in a restored John Deere tractor.

·         Jacob Morales was reserve champion of his division with a cab-over headache rack.

·         JJ Perez - blue ribbon on a dining room table, and a red ribbon on a front F-250 bumper.

·         Jack Hinshaw - blue ribbon on a firebox.

·         Chevy Landwehr - blue ribbon on her firebox.

·         AJ Reyna - blue on a boot rack.

·         Adam Castro and Isaiah Gonzalez - red ribbon on a pair of bar stools.

·         Madison Van Hecke - red ribbon for her dutch oven cooker.

Livestock that placed and sold: (Some students placed with multiple animals, but may not be listed)

·         Kasen Boyd- Grand Champion Boilers (Lytle 4H)

·         Case Conover 1st place Charolais Steer (Lytle 4H)

·         Wyatt Johnson 3rd place Brahman

·         Chevy Landwehr 3 place swine

·         Manuel Muraira 3rd place swine (placed another pig as well)

·         Coltyn Dean 4th place steer (Lytle 4H)

·         Nathan Trimmer 4th place swine (Lytle 4H)

·         Gerald Naegelin 5th place steer (Lytle 4H)

·         Wyatt Conover 5th place steer (Lytle 4H)

·         Ryllynn Null 5th place swine (Lytle 4H)

·         Devin Frias 6th place swine (Lytle 4H)

·         Jose Juan Perez 7th place broilers (placed a pig as well)

·         Roberson Harold 7th place rabbits (Lytle 4H)

·         Kayzen Lassere 8th place swine (placed 2 other pigs as well)

·         Brianna Gonzalez 9th place swine

·         Emma Keith 9th place rabbits(Lytle 4H)

·         Alex Naegelin 10th place swine (Lytle 4H)

·         Madison Van Hecke 11th place swine

·         Emili Oliver 11th place swine

·         Jacob Morales 13th swine

·         Bree Criswell 14th place swine (Lytle 4H)

·         Eternity Diaz 14th place swine

·         Addison Wagner 17th place rabbits (Lytle 4H)

·         RoseCarlie Harold 21st place4 rabbits (Lytle 4H)

·         Caleb Wood 26th place rabbits (Lytle 4H)

·         Kylie Mask 41st place rabbits

·         Julyana Frausto 42nd place rabbits (Lytle 4H)

·         Cort Haltom 46th place rabbits (Lytle 4H)

Out of ALL of our FFA members one member stuck out as our MVE (Most Valuable Exhibitor) and that is Kayzen Lassere. This young lady did extraordinary things this year at show in our livestock department. Not only did she place 3 out of 4 pigs, but she also got Grand Champion Junior Swine Showmanship, Reserve Grand Champion Lamb Showmanship, Grand Champion Junior Swine Skill-a-Thon (a 50 question test and interview questions process), and 5th place overall junior livestock judging contest points. She left stockshow with not only being able to sell her animal and pride in her performance, but 2 belt buckles, a monogramed chair, multiple ribbons, and trophy for all her hard work and dedication. Mind you she is one of our Junior FFA members in 5th grade and I can’t wait to see what she does in her upcoming years.

I am proud of each and every one of our Lytle Exhibitors, they showed dedication and determination when it came to our 2018 Atascosa County Stock Show and the fierce competition in which they faced. Please take a minute and look at the photos I have put together for you to see. I know the students would appreciate it. 

 See the full  Lytle ISD 2018 Atascosa Stock Show Google Photo Album :

See the full Lytle ISD 2018 Atascosa Stock Show Google Photo Album:


Randy Beard, Marc Dierking, Bobby McConathy, and Brooke Dierking

Lytle Ag Department

830-709-5105 ext 4115

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8th Grade Lady Pirates Final Game vs. Crystal City

“If you can react the same way to winning and losing, that’s a big accomplishment.  That quality is important because it stays with you the rest of your life, and there’s going to be a life after tennis that’s a lot bigger than tennis life.”  - Chris Evert

I could replace tennis with basketball, 8th grade or for me coaching.  Last night the 8th grade Lady Pirates finished their game at home.  The first game or B game was a great victory for the ladies.  We were tied at 6 at the half but Giselle seemed to make the basket seem larger after the half with her bank shot NBA range 3 point shot.  We scored 11 in the quarter and took a 17 to 8 lead.  In the fourth quarter we were able to answer every Crystal City basket with a basket of our own.  We ended up winning our final game on our court 26 – 16 to finish the season with two victories both at home.  We were in every game except two when the 4th quarter started and the ladies played with effort and increased their basketball abilities.  The most exciting event was when Mia Godina got a rebound and scored.  I had a line of sight from Mia to her father sitting in the stands.  He was so excited for his daughter’s success especially with this being her first year to play basketball.  Thanks to all the parents who supported their daughters with their presence and encouragement during the season.  Giselle led the scoring with 7 points.  Skye, Daphne and Mia all added 4 points.  Lauren added 3 points and Marley and Alize rounded out the scoring with a bucket a piece. 

In the final game of the season the ladies in the second game or A game scored in double digits for the third time this season with 11 points.  We were able to show growth as we ran our press break at times and the 6 ladies gave their all.  Nicole led the scoring with 3. Victoria, Sydney, Diamond and Chelsea all added two points.  We finished the season 0-12.  I can’t say it turned out as I had hoped but like I told them yesterday at practice my Junior high football team went 0 for a bunch.  We were very seldom in a game but as we dedicated ourselves and never quit we were able to finish our Junior year in the Astrodome vs Port Neches Groves in a State Semi-final game.  In two weeks begins speed week the next great event in February next to Groundhog day.  So I finish with a quote from a great race car driver.

“Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of the opportunity when it occurs.”  -Mario Andretti

I am out until Friday when I will announce the findings of Phil the Groundhog.  Be blessed.

Hadley Foster Jr.

Jacklyn Bohl

8th grade girls basketball

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Techno Pirates take home trophy, chance to qualify

The Lytle Junior High Techno Pirates took home a trophy at the South San Antonio Metro League Championship and qualified for a chance to advance to area competition.

The Techno Pirates competed with their robot against 31 teams and also scored points by giving a presentation to judges about their engineering process.

It was their Lytle spirit that helped them take home a trophy, however. The Techno Pirates were given the Motivate award after judges observed their teamwork and desire to educate other students about robotics.

The junior high’s performance on the field did not match their success in the judging room as the Techno Pirates lost all their preliminary matches Saturday. Their large point total going into the championship kept them in the top half of the rankings, however.

It was the team’s ability to connect with other schools that saved them from elimination at the end of the preliminary matches when a Lytle Junior High student approached one of the schools who had qualified for the semifinals and proposed an alliance with our team. After some deliberation by both teams, the alliance was formed and the Techno Pirates were in the semifinals.

Lytle Junior high and their alliance won the first round in the semis, but lost in the second, putting them in 10th position for advancement. Only nine teams advanced directly to area competition, but due to being so close to qualifying, the Techno Pirates were invited to a second chance qualifier at Brandeis High School in San Antonio in two weeks. If they qualify at that event, they will compete against some of the top schools in the state the following Saturday.

The Techno Pirates are: Grace Jurss, Katelyn Rubal, Alex Medina, Morgan Walker, Ashley Pierce, Isabella Lopez, Jade Ibanez, Faustino Ruiz, Zachary Bradshaw and Miguel Lopez.


- Reagon Clamon, Lytle Junior High Robotics Coach

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7th Grade Girls B Team Finish Strong

The 7th Grade B team played tonight with a vengeance. We were down some girls due to illness and injuries.

Last time we played Crystal City, we lost by one! It was a hard pill to take then and it stayed with us. So, we returned the salty taste and rallied a 9-8 Win!! We finished our season stronger than we started, 6-3. 

I am extremely proud of these ladies. They never gave up and they never complained. I cannot say enough!

I need add a special mention about Maggie May Jimmie- She is the MOST improved player ever! She has worked so hard running and her defensive skills have become outstanding! 

Thank you to Mr. Salinas and Mrs. Gonzales for attending last night's game! It always helps to have the teachers see the kids and the kids see the teachers at their games! Thank you to all that continue to support us and when you see any of these ladies, please let them know how wonderful they are!! 

Frances Aguinaga
Layla Rodriguez
Maggie May Jimmie
Rosalinda Jimmie
Yadi Mendez
Adeline Martinez
Marissa Lopez
Nivea Sanchez
Amanda Soto All-Star on Offense
Cambri Davila All Star on Defense  

Love Love Love These Ladies!! 

Julie Cameron

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7th grade girls basketball vs. Carrizo 1-22-18

Last night we travel to Carrizo Springs, the girls hustled their hearts out. Some of the good things we say was hustle, they played great 2-3 zone defense, and the boxed out great.

Unfortunately we didn’t come out with the win but like I said before it’s the little victories that lead to great victories. Although the score doesn’t reflect the girls performance we are proud of these girls.

Please join us on Thursday Feb. 1, 2018 when we play our last game of the season against Crystal City, game times are 5pm and 6pm. We are greatly appreciative for all the support and kind words of encouragement you have expressed and shown us #LytleStrong #LytleFamily.


Lytle                         7

Carrizo                    28


Moriah Gomez                1pt

Cadee Martinez              2pts

Morgan Walker               2pts

Dakota Tumblinson       2pts

We were 1 for 7 from the free throw line.

B-Team (no overtime for B-team games)

Lytle                    12

Carrizo               12


MaggieMay Jimmie             5pts

Frances Aguinaga                 2pts

Yadhira Mendez                   2pts

Nivea Sanchez                      3pts

We were 2 for 6 from the free throw line.

JH Girls Athletics

JH PE Teacher
JH Health Teacher

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8th grade JH Boys Basketball vs Carrizo Springs 1-22-18

Last night your 8th grade boys basketball team took on the Carrizo Springs Wildcats. It was another eventful night for both the B and A team. With another great crowd showing up to support the Pirates in their game.

Like always the B team started the games off first. With solid defense through the first half the Pirates were in the game and after the end of the first half the score was 16-12 Carrizo. Once the second half got going Carrizo Springs found their offensive rhythm and took a commanding lead over the Pirates that we could never come back from. The final score for the B team game was 37-22 Carrizo Springs. Good performances from Brian Cogburn, who scored a team high 8 points, Carlos Flores-Garza, with 5 points, and Adrian Balderas, who got multiple rebounds and ended with 5 points. The B team never quit and kept fighting the whole game and that is all we really ask from them.

The final game was the A team and like always they brought the crowd to their feet with great intensity. Carrizo Springs came out with a point to prove and took a good lead to end the first quarter, 17-9 Carrizo. Once the second quarter started the Pirates finally woke up and put the pressure on Carrizo and shortened the lead to 28-25 Carrizo led at the half. The second half was even more intense than the first and since the Pirates pressure was so successful, we kept the pressure on and finally took the lead after the third, 39-38 Pirates. Then the fourth quarter started and that is when things started to heat up! Both teams putting pressure on each other and not giving up and giving in to their opponents, the lead kept on going back and forth and at the end the Pirates made some crucial free throws to put the wildcats away. PIRATES WON, 57-54! Great performances from Matthew Sanchez, who had a game high 27 points with 5 three pointers, Zak Placido, with 14 points, Daniel Aguirre, who had 4 points, multiple rebounds and was a big leader in controlling the team in an intense situation, and Joe Cortez, who controlled the game at the point guard position and dribbled the ball terrific all night. Great performance and effort from the whole team and we are now 5-0 in district play.

Our next game is this Saturday when we will be participating in the Pleasanton Tournament. I would like to thank all the administration, staff, and students who stayed to support our Pirates in a very entertaining game. If you have not seen these boys play that is your loss because they always put on a great performance with a competitive drive that is on another level win or lose. Have a safe and good rest of the week and like always, GO PIRATES!!!

Coach Robles

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Junior High 8th grade girls basketball - Carrizo Springs

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Last night as I went home about 10:30 there was a Cheshire Cat moon in the sky.  It reminded me of the scene when Alice asks her father if she is mad.  Her father says he believes she is but the best of us are.  I think it was also smiling at some of the events of the evening.  We waited for two seventh grade games to conclude before we began our contests.  All year we have had the goal to win the first game and to compete in the second game.  We fell 4 points short in the first game getting outscored 15 to 19.  We were 4 for 13 from the free throw line.  It seems like the same story.  Missed free throws and missed shots.  Lauren C scored 11 points,  Giselle D added 2 and Marley and Chelsea each added a point.  The record is 1 and 7.

The games with Carrizo were snowed out during December and I don’t think they were meant to be played this time either.  Twice in the first quarter we had a bat delay.  Then between the first and second quarter the bat made another appearance and a Carrizo girl threw a water bottle at it and missed but the water bottle broke on the court and we spent time mopping the water before we could begin.  We didn’t play defense, pass the ball or make shots and when we got on the bus the final score was Lytle 5, Carrizo Springs 49.  We have one game left for both teams on February 1st.  We are 0-11  overall and 0-8 in district.  We are averaging 7.9 points a game which would be great if we were a hockey team.  We are allowing 44.5 points per game.  If nothing else it has given me a fire for track season to have throwers who are focused on victory and will take nothing less than beating everyone in the district. 

“You can lay down and die, or you can get up and fight, but that is it – there is no turning back.” – Jon English

Groundhogs day is only 11 days away.  I put a picture of my Grand Daughter Darci in her first Groundhog day shirt.

Hadley Foster Jr.

Jacklyn Bohl

8th grade girls basketball

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8th grade JH Boys Basketball vs Devine Warehorses 1-18-18

Last night was Round 2 for this season in the rivalry against the Devine Warhorses. The crowd was rocking and both teams fans showed up ready to cheer for their teams. The atmosphere in the gym was like any other I have ever seen for a Junior High and some High School basketball games. 

B team started the night off first. With a good defensive start to the game the final score after the first quarter was 8-4 Devine with the lead. After a close first quarter, the Pirates struggled to get anything going offensively and could not get a bucket to fall most of the game. Good defense kept the score close but in the fourth Devine was just too much for the Pirates who struggled to score all game. The final score for the B game was 36-19 Devine. Good performances from Jeremiah Flores with 7 points and Brian Cogburn with 5 points.

The main event of the night was the A team and the game was very entertaining. The first quarter was full of defense with both teams coming out with a lot of energy and after the first quarter the score was 12-6 Lytle. The second quarter, the Pirates came out and attacked and Devine could not handle the pressure and the Pirates took an 11 point lead at the half with the score at 25-14 Lytle. At the start of the third quarter, the Pirates again came out with more pressure and Devine still had no answer for the Pirates. The Pirates took a commanding 20 point lead after the third quarter with the score being 41-22 Lytle. Once the the fourth quarter started Devine came out to play and threw everything they had in their playbook at us. Pressuring the Pirates back and continues aggressive play from Devine cut the lead in half and got Devine's crowd really into the game and was starting to create an eventful ending to the game. The Pirates held them off and Devine never could completely come all the way back into the game. The final score was 51-43 Lytle Pirates! Great performances from Zak Placido, who played sick and ended with 11 points, Matthew Sanchez, who played with 4 fouls three quarters of the game and ended with 15 points, and Michael Tomlinson, who was a beast on the boards and got numerous rebounds. All around great performance from the whole team and is now 4-0 in district play.

A big thank you to all the students and staff who stayed and came out to support your Pirates in an eventful game. All the boys and coaches really appreciate the support. Our next game is Monday, Jan. 22nd against Carrizo Springs in Lytle. I hope everyone has a safe and great weekend. Go Pirates!

Coach Robles

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