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Lessons from the Rings - Regional Edition

Howdy all,

Have an oatmeal cookie and listen to a bit of jazz on oatmeal cookie day and international jazz day. 

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers,

None goes his way alone.

All that we send into the lives of others,

Comes back into our own.” –Edwin Markham

This weekend Katelin Van Dong completed her time as a thrower for Lytle and Noelia Medina finished her first season as a Lytle High school thrower.  Both ladies competed admirably and finished with great throws.  I attached both of their final throws.  I am not sure if they uploaded correctly.  Noelia finished 14th with a final throw of 100’4”.  Katelin finished 13th with a final throw of 32’6.5”.  It was an honor and joy to coach Katelin for 6 years.  I look forward to how far Noelia will progress in the future.  I hope you all finish out the school year well.  Thank you for allowing me to fill your inboxes with the accomplishments of the students I coach.  Thank you to all the district for your support of our athletes.  From Transportation to food from the Cafeteria to all the maintenance of our facilities which we compete on.  May each one realize how important you are to the success of the students here in Lytle.  Finally thanks to Coach Ruiz for allowing me to drive him all over Texas since 2005.

“If you get caught up in things over which you have no control, it will adversely affect those things over which you have control.” – advice to John Wooden from his father.

Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Throwers


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2018 Student Showcase a Huge Success

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

Showcase visitor, James Miller had this to say, "We had a great time. To see all the hard work everyone put in to all the projects was great. I even learned of a few programs that Lytle offers that I had no idea. I am a plumber and I learned of the plumbers program offered. The robotics club and all of the computer related programs are great. Thank you to all and the hard work put into the showcase!" 

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

 See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

See more 2018 Student Showcase pics on the Google Album:

Lady Pirates at Area Track Meet

We had 4 Lady Pirates participate in the 29/30 4A Track Meet yesterday in hopes of finishing in the top 4 to advance to next week’s Regional Meet in Kingsville.   All 4 ladies gave great performances with 3 of them hitting PERSONAL BESTS to help propel them into next week.  We are very proud of how they competed and look forward to this next week in hopes of reaching new goals.  The following are your lady pirate area qualifiers:

Clarissa Cantu       3200m            1st        Area Champion            Regional Qualifier

                                 1600m            4th                                                Regional Qualifier

Katelin VanDong    Shot Put         3rd                                               Regional Qualifier

Noelia Medina        Discus            2nd                                               Regional Qualifier

Lauren Gomez        800m              5th

Clarissa Cantu.jpg
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Lessons from the Rings - Area Edition

Howdy all,

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

Thanks to all who spent yesterday teaching the students of Lytle.  Katelyn Van Dong (senior) and Noelia Medina (freshman) both advanced to the Regional meet with Personal Records.  Katelyn was in fifth one inch away from having this throw be her last throw as a Lytle Thrower.  I knew her footwork was slow but she had to make the throw.  She threw 33’1.5” and advanced in third to Regionals.  Her goal is to hit 35’ at Kingsville.  Noelia Medina has many throws left for Lytle but never lose an opportunity when it is given.  Jeanette Wimberly made the Regional meet her freshman year and never returned her next three years.  Noelia has gained 10 feet on her throw since last year and placed 2nd with a new best of 104’11”.  She was so excited because her mom promised her a puppy if she hit a PR.  Her goal is to have the best throw of any discus thrower in Lytle at the Regional meet.  Alex Naeglin and Jocelyn Sekula went and kept the records.  They were instrumental in the ladies success.  Katelyn was announced 5th because they overlooked her last throw.  Alex’s fine record keeping allowed the mistake to be fixed.  Jocelyn and Alex relaxed Noelia to help her in the ring.  Thank you for all you all do to support these young ladies. 

“When we acknowledge that all of life is sacred and that each act is an act of choice and therefore sacred, then life is a sacred dance lived consciously each moment.  When we live at this level, we participate in the creation of a better world.” –Scout Cloud Lee

Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Throwers


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Lytle Boys Track & Field Area Track & Field Meet in Devine

The Boys Track & Field team competed yesterday at the District 29-4A/30-4A Area Track & Field Meet in Devine. We are very proud of the hard work, determination, and competitiveness that our Pirate Track Team has displayed week after week and of those that will continue to represent Lytle High School next weekend at the UIL 4-A, Region IV Track & Field Meet in Kingsville, TX. The following are yesterday’s top finishers:


1st Place                800m                     Edson Hernandez         Area Champion/Regional Qualifier

1st Place                1600m                    Edson Hernandez         Area Champion/Regional Qualifier

3rd Place               3200m                   Isaiah Gomez                Regional Qualifier

3rd Place               1600m                    Isaiah Gomez                Regional Qualifier

3rd Place               800m                      Mark Cantu                   Regional Qualifier

4th Place               3200m                    Carlos Tamayo              Regional Qualifier

5th Place               Triple Jump             Thomas Dominguez

5th Place               Long Jump              Thomas Dominguez

5th Place               4x200m Relay         T. Lowery, T. Dominguez, C. Aldridge, M. Swinney

6th Place               800m                       Justin Sekula


Randy Badillo

Offensive Coordinator

Head Boys Track

Asst. Basketball

Asst. Powerlifting


Boys Track 1.jpg
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Lytle Pirates Boys Track & Field - District Recap

District 29-AAAA April 4th & 5th, 2018

The Boys Track & Field Team competed in the 29-AAAA District Meet last week in Crystal City. They all competed well, finishing 2nd in the JV Boys Division and 3rd in the Varsity division. Our Varsity boys once again advanced to Area in all three relays along with several athletes advancing to Area in their respected individual events. With a total of 9 Pirates qualifying to compete in 10 different events at the 29-4A & 30-4A Area Track & Field Meet next week in Devine, Lytle High School will be well represented with pride! Way to go Pirates!


1st Place                800m                     Edson Hernandez                                      *Area Qualifier       

1st Place                1600m                   Edson Hernandez                                       *Area Qualifier

2nd Place               4x100m Relay    Carson Aldridge, Thomas Dominguez, Tristan Lowery, Kobe Castro   *Area Qualifier

2nd Place               4x200m Relay    Carson Aldridge, Thomas Dominguez, Tristan Lowery, Kobe Castro   *Area Qualifier

2nd Place               4x400m Relay    Justin Sekula, Mark Cantu, Isaiah Gomez, Edson Hernandez  *Area Qualifier

2nd Place               High Jump          Thomas Dominguez                                    *Area Qualifier

2nd Place               800m                  Mark Cantu                                                  *Area Qualifier

3rd Place                1600m                Isaiah Gomez                                               *Area Qualifier

3rd Place                Triple Jump         Thomas Dominguez                                    *Area Qualifier

3rd Place                3200m                Carlos Tamayo                                             *Area Qualifier

4th Place                3200m                Isaiah Gomez                                               *Area Qualifier

4th Place                100m                   Kobe Castro                                                *Area Qualifier

4th Place                800m                     Justin Sekula                                            *Area Qualifier

4th Place                400m                     Mark Cantu                                              *Area Qualifier

4th Place                High Jump           Justin Sekula                                              *Area Qualifier        

5th Place                Shot Put               Victor Garcia

6th Place                Triple Jump         Jociah Cruzzi

6th Place                200m                  Matthew Swinney

6th Place                Pole Vault           Justin Sekula


1st Place                100m                      Ronan Galpin

1st Place                800m                     Joshua Montes

1st Place                3200m                   JoseCarlos Hernandez

1st Place                1600m                   JoseCarlos Hernandez

2nd Place               1600m                  Gregorio Alcorta

2nd Place               3200m                  Gregorio Alcorta

2nd Place               800m                    Israel Aguinaga

2nd Place               Shot Put                Ronan Galpin

2nd Place               4x100m Relay    Quen Syma, Rafael Pacheco, Johnny Paredes, Ronan Galpin

3rd Place                4x200m Relay    Quen Syma, Tony Sanchez, Johnny Paredes, Ronan Galpin

3rd Place                800m                  Cody Lopez

3rd Place                1600m                Joshua Montes

3rd Place                Shot Put             Johnny Paredes

3rd Place                Discus                 Johnny Paredes

4th Place                4x400m Relay    JoseCarlos Hernandez, Israel Aguinaga, Joshua Montes, Gregorio Alcorta

5th Place                Shot Put               Roberson Harold

5th Place                Shot Put               James Black

5th Place                Discus                   James Black

6th Place                200m                     Quen Syma


Randy Badillo

Offensive Coordinator

Head Boys Track

Asst. Basketball

Asst. Powerlifting


Boys track 1.jpg
Boys track 2.jpg
Boys track 3.jpg
Boys track 4.jpg
Boys track 6.jpg
Boys track 5.jpg
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Lessons from the Rings-High School district

Howdy all,


The District Track meet and the 201702018 season concluded for many of the track athletes from Lytle. 


“The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible.  When you do that, you have dignity.  You have the pride. You can walk about with character and pride no matter in what place you happen to finish.” – Billy Mills


We had four teams throwing in the rings and had some good results, PR(personal records), and disappointments.  I was hoping to have Victor Garcia, our only varsity thrower advance in both.  However by scratching two of three of his discus throws he failed to qualify for finals and he was bested on by a thrower from Carrizo Springs to finish 5th with a 40’9.5” throw.  The Carrizo Springs coach was worried about Victor in warmups because he was consistently throwing 43’ shots.  All year something has happened to Victor when the lights come on and he has to step up and compete.  I wish I knew what to do but it is hard to see one of the best throwers in the district stay home. 


The JV boys scored 25 points for the team and had 3 throwers in Discus and four throwers in Shot make the finals. 

                Johnny Paredes             3rd in discus (104’11 PR),              3rd in shot (36’4” PR)

                James Black                    5th in discus  (102’ PR),                6th in shot (33’9.5”)

                Robey Harold                 7th in discus (95’7”),                     5th in shot (34’4.5”)

                Jon Cantu                        discus – 81’6”                                Shot – 29’3”

One of the highlights for my year was having the opportunity for coaching Ronan Galpin.  He placed 2nd with a PR of 11.07 M (36’4”).  I have his shot at district but I have attached his first shot in Pearsall.


The JV girls scored 32 points to help the team win a district championship.  All my JV throwers medaled in their events and Alex Naeglin is the Junior Varsity District Champion in Discus. 

                Alex Naeglin                   2nd in Shot (25’7” PR),                  1st in Discus (84’8” PR)

                Kristen Center                4th in shot (24’7.5”)

                Emili Oliver                     5th in shot (24’1”),                         2nd in Discus (80’9”)

                Jocelyn Sekula                5th in Discus (70’5”)


The three varsity girls competed well.  They threw both events and Katelyn and Noelia get to advance to the area meet.  Both have a good opportunity to advance to the regional meet in Kingsville. 

                Katelyn Van Dong         2nd in shot (31’9.75”),                   7th in discus (79’4”)

                Emily Garcia                   5th in shot (30’.75”),                    6th in Discus (82’4”)

                Noelia Medina                 7th in shot (29’4”),                      2nd in Discus (96’6”)


Thanks to all the parents who came to watch their children throw.  However, not many are blessed to see these athletes throw.  Al Oerter has an interesting quote, “I don’t think discus will ever attract any interest until they let us start throwing them at each other.”  Keep remembering to pray for Bobby McConathy.  Our shots will remain painted blue and gold, FFA colors to keep him in prayers every time we throw. 


Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Throwers


Boys getting ready.jpg
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Lady Pirate Track Ends Season in Crystal City

Your Lady Pirate Track team finished their last day of district yesterday in Crystal City with 4 of the 7 varsity girls advancing and 2 others were one place away.  The JV girls captured 1st overall and next year will step in and fill the holes we have been missing.  Junior Clarissa Cantu was our only Varsity District Champion as she doubled up winning the 3200m with a personal best and the 1600m just missing out on a personal best by .18 of a second.  Claiming silver medals were both Senior Katelin VanDong in the Shot Put and Freshman Noelia Medina in the Discus.  Senior Lauren Gomez finished 4th in the 800m to advance to Area as well, which will be held in Devine on April 18th. 

These girls made us all proud with the effort they gave the past two days.  I wish the season could go on for a couple of more weeks to see how much better they could get, but I will have to wait a year for that.  Below are the athletes who finished in the top 6.



100m                  Emily Estrada                    5th

200m                 Autumn Frias                     2nd

                           Camryn Martinez               5th

400m                 Autumn Frias                     1st

                           Isyss Cortez                       2nd

                           Annalisa Crawley               3rd

800m                 Isyss Cortez                        1st

                           Annalisa Crawley               2nd

                           Jazmine Ortega                 3rd

1600m                Mariana Verdaja                 1st

                           Naomy Montes                   5th

4x100m              Relay                                  5th

                           Clarissa Ybarra  

                           Emily Estrada

                           Abby Moreno

                           Camryn Martinez

4x200m             Relay                                   4th

                           Clarissa Ybarra  

                           Emily Estrada

                           Tabitha Martinez

                           Camryn Martinez

4x400m              Relay                                  1st

                           Jazmine Ortega

                           Isyss Cortez

                           Annalisa Crawley

                           Autumn Frias

Shot Put             Alexandrea Naegelin         2nd

                            Kristin Center                    4th

                            Emili Oliver                        5th

Discus                 Alexandrea Naegelin         1st

                            Emili Oliver                        2nd

                            Jocelyn Sekula                  5th

Triple Jump         Emily Estrada                    2nd

High Jump           Abby Moreno                    1st



800m                  Lauren Gomez                   4th

1600m                 Clarissa Cantu                   1st

3200m                Clarissa Cantu                   1st

100m H               Chevy Landwehr               6th

Shot Put             Katelin VanDong               2nd

                           Emily Garcia                      5th

Discus                Noelia Medina                    2nd

                           Emily Garcia                      6th

High Jump         Madison Van Hecke           5th


Coach Gilbert Ruiz

Lady Pirates.jpg
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Pearsall District Meet 3-29-18

Thursday March 29, 2018, the girls participated in the 2018 District meet which was held in Pearsall.

Overall, the girls did a great job.


7th grade Results:

4x100 M Relay—6th place with a time of  57.84

Moriah Gomez, Marissa Lopez, Cadee Martinez, and Natalie Pacheco


4x400 M Relay—6th Place with a time of 5:26.81

Jadyn Boroquez, Alexandrea Cabrera, Yadhira Mendez, and Natalie Williams


Shot put—1st Place with a distance of 33’0”

Natalie Pacheco

JH Girls track.jpg



3rd place –Dakota Tumblinson with a distance of 65’10”

4th Place—Natalie Pacheco with a distance of 65’2”


800 M Run-3rd Place with a time of 2:47.64

Moriah Gomez


1600 M Run—5th place with a time of 6:31.08

Moriah Gomez


High Jump—Tied for 6th place with a jump of 4’0”

Morgan Walker


8th Grade Results

4x400 M Relay—6th Place with a time of 5:22.30

Alize Sanchez, Selena Lopez, Allison Marshall, and Marisa Martinez


4x200 M Relay—5th Place with a time of 2:12.21

Daphne Perez, Emerald Muraira, Alize Sanchez, and Allison Marshall


Shot Put—2nd Place with a distance of 35’ 5 ½”

April Bodie


Discus-2nd Place with a distance of 87’0”

April Bodie


800 M Run –2nd Place with a time of 2:45.27

Allison Marshall

8th girls.jpg


We would like to thank EVERYONE for their time, support, and kind words of wisdom that helped encouraged the ladies to stay on track and focused.


Denise Cordero


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JH Boys Track and Field teams at Pearsall

Last Thursday the Junior High Track and Field teams had their district meet in Pearsall and the boys came out and performed well. 

The 7th grade team had many top finalist in running and field events. Starting with Aleczavier Ybarra, who finished 3rd in the 800 M Run, David Silva, who finished 3rd in High Jump and 4th in Triple Jump, and Alexander Medina, who finished 6th in Discus.

The 8th grade team also competed well and came out with many District Champs in their events. Starting with Ryan Gomez, who finished 2nd in the 800 M Run and 4th in the 1600 M Run, Isael Andrade, who finished 3rd in the 800 M Run, Jose Cortez, who finished 3rd in the 1600 M Run, Cecilio Olivarri, who finished 3rd in the 110 M Hurdles, 4x100 M Relay Team, Elias Hernandez, Michael Tomlinson, Cort Haltom, and Zak Placido, finished 4th, Zak Placido, who finished 4th in High Jump, Cort Haltom, who finished 2nd in Shot Put and 1st in Discus and is now the back to back District Champ in Discus, and the event that the Pirates dominated in was the Pole Vault with Miguel Angel Lopez finishing 4th, Matthew Eldredge finishing 2nd, and Jeremiah Flores finishing 1st and is the District Champ in Pole Vault. 

It was a great season and every track meet we participated in the athletes got better. We are proud of every single one of these young athletes who stuck it out, came to every single practice, and made themselves better every day. 7th grade athletes now have one year of athletic experience under them and now they know what to expect for next year. 8th grade athletes are now no longer junior high athletes and now need to get ready to compete with High School competition and I believe most of them are prepared and ready for that. I am excited to see how all these athletes future turns out. Track and field is not for every athlete and most athletes do not like participating in it but it makes every athlete better. The will to win means nothing if you have not the will to prepare. Thank you to everyone who supported these athletes all season long. Be excited for the future Pirate Nation and like always, GO PIRATES!!!

Coach Robles   

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Lessons from the Rings - JH District

Last Thursday the Junior High completed their track and athletic season for 2017-18. 

“You can’t win them all but you can try.” – Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias

We seem like we had just started and it was the final throws.  We go into each meet with the goal of finishing in the top 4 because in high school the top four advance to the next round.

I will start with the seventh grade lads.  We were small in stature but giant in heart.  Clarence Patlan  threw a PR of 30’ but failed to place.  Samuel Yruarte and Preston Edge also threw shot.  The Discus throwers had been on the edge of placing all year.  Alex Medina came through and placed sixth with a throw of 79’4”.  This was the first point that the boys scored for the team all year.  Alex made some major corrections by fixing the discus from being released off the back of his hand.  Even though he is the brother of Gabi and Noelia Medina, he earned his spot.  Nicholas Rendon and Joseph Araujo also threw discus.

The seventh grade ladies had some great results.  They scored the most points for the team with 20 points.  Natalie Pacheco won the shot put on her final throw beating the girl from Pleasanton by one inch with a throw of 33’.  Bree Criswell missed 6th place by a few inches throwing a PR of 27’.  Sarah Yruarte was the final thrower for Lytle.  In discus, Dakota Tumlinson’s last throw allowed her to beat Natalie and place 3rd with a nice 65’10” toss.  Natalie placed 4th with a 65’2” throw.  Bree was the final thrower for Lytle.  I am glad these young lads and ladies had success and hopefully they will desire more and realize the work needed to get better. 

The 8th grade ladies threw and competed with the heart that I expected.  Unfortunately they did not get the results they wanted.  The only team I did not know about was Pleasanton.  I knew we could throw with the other schools, however, Pleasanton took three spots in the top 8 keeping Sydney Estrada and Savannah Medrano out of the medals.  April Bodie threw a PR of 87’ in discus placing behind Pleasanton for second and then she threw 35’5.5” to place second in the shot.  She wanted to win but her future is bright and I know this will fuel her to continue to work harder.

Cort Haltom has been carrying the banner for the Lytle 8th grade all year.  He wanted the school record for Junior High but didn’t quite get there but he maintained his crown of District Champion in the Discus by besting the other throwers by 10 feet.  His form is really good and he should adjust well in high school to the heavier implements.  He needed to throw a school record to win the shot but came up just short by throwing over 41’ to place second in the shot.  Jacob Flores and Kasen Boyd threw discus and Jacob Flores and Elias Hernandez threw shot put. 

It was a joy to work with these younglings.  I hope they learned more than the art of the shot and discus this year.  I wish they would have had more than just three throws in the district meet.  The high school throwers played a great part in their success and we throw the next two days for the district in Crystal City.  Hopefully we can continue the success.

“A thrower’s creed:  I will win; if I cannot win, I shall be second; if I cannot be second, I shall be third; if I cannot place at all, I shall do my best.” Adapted from a quote by Ken Doherty


Hadley Foster Jr.

Lytle Throwers


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Girls Track Meet at Navarro

Your lady pirates competed against some great competition this past Saturday at Navarro HS.  The varsity girls finished 7th and the JV girls 4th.  Below are top 6 finishers:


Emily Garcia                        Shot Put               6th

Clarissa Cantu                    3200m                   4th           12:51.22

                                                1600m                   2nd          5:49.58


Noelia Medina                  Shot Put               1st

                                                Discus                   1st

Emily Estrada                     Triple Jump         5th

Isyss Cortez                        800m                     3rd

                                                400m                     5th

Jasmine Ortega                 800m                     5th

Annalisa Crawley              400m                     6th


4x100m Relay    4th           (Clarissa Ybarra, Abby Moreno, Emily Estrada, Camryn Martinez)

4x200m Relay    3rd           (Clarissa Ybarra, Tabitha Martinez, Emily Estrada, Camryn Martinez)


The team next travels to Somerset on Thursday.

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Lessons from the Rings - Navarro Edition

Howdy all,

I hope you are stoked for Spring break and have some nice refreshments for the week in the Chili bin.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.  Silver is purified in fire, and so are we.  It is in the most trying times that our real character is shaped and revealed.”            Helen Keller

Each paragraph will be about one group so look for the group you are interested and read about them.

This last weekend the Junior High and High school were tested with the fire of tough competition.  The Junior High threw Friday at Navarro.  We learned some important lessons in this benchmark meet.  I threw 6 seventh grade lads and they are still amazed at the distance some of the other teams are throwing.  Clarence Patlan is my smallest in weight thrower yet he throws his shot almost 30 feet.  None of the lads (Alex Medina, Khye Stewart, Joseph Araujo, Justin Evans and Preston Edge) threw good enough to receive a mark or score points for the team. 

The seventh grade girls also are learning about the competition of throwing.  In the discus Natalie Pacheco threw a new personal best of 61’2” to tie for 2nd place.  Bree Criswell also kept marked and threw 56’5”.  Dakota also threw but did not stay marked.  In the Shot Putt Bree threw 26’7”  to keep marked in 7th.  This throw was almost two feet further than her first meet.  Miranda Santos and Natalie also threw shot. 

The 8th grade lads were led by Cort Haltom.  Cort spun a shot 41’3” to place second behind a thrower from Wimberly who just powered it out with no form.  Jacob Flores and Elias Hernandez also threw shot.  Cort threw a huge 150’ disc in practice on Wednesday but he was trying to hard and only threw 117’6” to place third.  Jacob threw over 100’ to just miss a mark and Joshua Del Toro also threw discus.

The 8th grade girls had April Bodie finish first in the shot Putt competition with a throw of 35’.5” but she threw at least 38’ but scratched on her last throw.  Sydney and Savannah also threw shot but the competition was stiff and they did not mark.  April told me before the discus competition that she had this won.  I am old school and you don’t say this no matter how good you are.  Well she ended up placing second with a throw of 75’10”.  Not bad but she threw farther after the meet just getting extra throws. 

The High school threw Saturday.  The JV boys had our Kiwi, Ronin Galpin, (picture attached) improve from his first meet with a throw of 11.09 M (36’5”) to place 2nd.  A Chili Bin is what New Zealanders call an ice chest.  Jon Cantu and Robey Harold also threw shot.  Robey Harold pressed a beautiful disc to a distance of 92’3” to place 5th.  James Black also kept marked with a throw of 88’ but did not make the top six. 

Noelia Medina placed first in both shot and discus with throws of 91’ and 29’.5”.  Emili Oliver stayed marked in discus placing seventh at 67’ and staying pinned at 8th in shot with a throw of 23’7”.  Jocelyn Sekula was our third contestant.

In the varsity meet we only had two throwers but both remained pinned and made the finals.  The High School meet was run in a preliminary and final competition.  Victor Garcia threw a new personal best of 119’11” to place 6th in discus.  He threw a new personal best of 41’3” to make the finals but placed 8th.  After the competition he was throwing 44 feet.  When I asked him what was different he said “There is no pressure now.”  Lesson learned to throw relaxed. 

Emily Garcia was our only lady varsity thrower as Katelyn Van dong was winning the regional powerlifting competition.  Well done Katelyn.  Emily place 6th in shot with a new personal record of 28’9.25” and she kept marked with  a new PR in Discus at 91’6”.  She was a bit disappointed but as a sophomore she should be quite proud. 

We throw again Thursday.  The Junior High in Bandera and the varsity in Somerset. 

In memory of Roger Bannister, the first miler to break 4 minutes who died this weekend, I have a quote.

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful Is the man who will win” – Roger Bannister

Hadley Foster Jr.

Ps. 71: 18 Proclaim

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Boys Track @ Navarro Panther Relays

Meet 3 NAVARRO 3-3-18

The Boys Track Team competed in the Navarro Panther Relays this past Saturday in Geronimo, TX. Despite cold and rainy weather conditions, our athletes competed well against tough competition that included 5A, 4A, and 3A teams, some of which we will compete against at regionals later on this season. Our boys’ varsity team placed 6th overall (without running any relay events due to injuries) while our JV Boys finished 4th. The following is a list of Varsity & JV top finishers:    


1st Place                800m                     Edson Hernandez

2nd Place               Triple Jump         Thomas Dominguez

3rd Place               High Jump           Thomas Dominguez

4th Place               3200m                   Isaiah Gomez

4th Place               100m                     Tristan Lowery

4th Place               1600m                   Edson Hernandez

5th Place               Discus                   Victor Garcia

5th Place               Long Jump          Thomas Dominguez

5th Place               800m                     Mark Cantu

6th Place               High Jump           Justin Sekula

6th Place               3200m                   Carlos Tamayo


1st Place                3200m                   JC Hernandez

1st Place                1600m                   JC Hernandez

2nd Place               800m Relay         Ronan Galpin, Jesse Medina, Carson Aldridge, William Alexander

2nd Place               Shot Put               Ronan Galpin

3rd Place               3200m                   Gregorio Alcorta

3rd Place               1600m                   Gregorio Alcorta

5th Place               Discus                   Roberson Harold

5th Pace                400m Relay         Ronan Galpin, Jesse Medina, Carson Aldridge, William Alexander

5th Place               100m                     Ronan Galpin

Randy Badillo

Offensive Coordinator

Head Boys Track

Asst. Basketball

Asst. Powerlifting


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Junior High Girls Track - Navarro Meet

Friday our JH girls track team traveled to Navarro ISD, just outside of Seguin, where they competed against some fast, quick, and strong girls. Our girls did their best but came up short.

April Bodie place 1st in Shot put throwing 35’and ½ ‘’

                                2nd place in Discus throwing 75’ 10”

Natalie Pacheco placed 3rd in the throwing 61’ 1”


Thank you to all who are able to attend and for your continues support.

Next meet will be Thursday in Bandera

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Pearsall Track Meet High School Girls

track girls.jpg

Last night the ladies traveled to Pearsall and competed in the Maverick Relays. This was the first high school meet for a majority of our ladies and they did not disappoint. We had a lot of ladies that surprised us when they competed and went beyond our expectations. We have a talented team this year and cannot wait to see how they improve throughout the season. Attached is a picture of the ladies that make up the 2018 track team.

Below are the ladies that placed in the top six.

3200m Run

Varsity- 2nd Place Clarissa Cantu

JV- 3rd Place Monique Covarrubias

400m Relay

JV- Annalisa Crawley, Emily Estrada, Autumn Frias, Camryn Martinez

800m Run

Varsity- 6th Place Lauren Gomez

JV- 1st Place Isyss Cortez

       2nd Place Jazmine Ortega

       4th Place Mariana Verdeja

4x400m Relay

JV- 1st Place Jazmine Ortega, Autumn Frias, Isyss Cortez, Annalisa Crawley

          Thank you,

                      Megan McCarthy

                      6th Grade Social Studies

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Lessons from the Rings - Volume 1 High School

Howdy all,

“Most people go to work, I get to coach.” – Jimmy Valvano

Welcome to speed week and the running of the Daytona 500 on Sunday. Prior to this we had our first track meet at Pearsall.  It was a small meet but all the schools from the district were present.  We have an interesting group of throwers this year.  We have one senior, three juniors (two of which did not throw last year), one sophomore, 7 freshmen and one international Kiwi from New Zealand.  Lytle throwers have gone international.  All the ladies medaled in their events and three of the lads medaled.  The results are as follows:

Varsity Girls

Kaitlyn Van Dong (Sr) 4th in Discus – 80’3 “ and 2nd in shot – 30’2”

Emily Garcia (So) 3rd in Discus – 82’

JV girls

Noelia Medina (Fr) 1st in Discus and Shot – 77’3” and 28’1”

Emily Oliver 3rd  (Fr) in shot – 25’6”

Kristen Center 4th (Jr) in shot – 25’2”

Alex Naeglin 2nd (Fr) in Discus 74’3”

Jocelyn Sekula 5th (Fr) in Discus – 62’4”

Varsity Boys

Victor Garcia (Jr) 2nd in Discus and 3rd in Shot – 103’8” and 41’1.25”

James Black threw just missing a pin but threw as a freshman to allow all three of the JV to throw. 

JV Boys

Ronin Galpin (Kiwi) 2nd in shot – 10.9 M (35’9”) sorry New Zealanders see in Metric

Robey Harold (Fr) 3rd in Discus – 83’9”

Jon Cantu (Fr) also threw but both he and Robey came straight from the hardwood to have a couple of days of practice.  Good Skill to the High School ballers as they enter the playoffs. 

throwers hs 2018.jpg
throwing hands.jpg

The Color of the Shots.

Today we painted the shots FFA Blue to remember Bobby McConathy as he begins his chemo treatments and Randy Beard as he goes in for hip replacement. Our thoughts and prayers are with these fine gentlemen as they heal and battle as we battle every day in practice. 

The second picture is of the color of shots for the season.  Today we painted the shots FFA Blue to remember Bobby McConathy as he begins his Chemo treatments today and Randy Beard as he goes in for hip replacement on Monday.  Our thoughts and prayers are with these fine gentlemen as they heal and battle as we battle every day in practice.  Today the Junior High begins their season with a meet in Pearsall. 

“Inspire or motivate your players with praise.  Ten years from now, it won’t matter what your record was. What will matter is if your kids love or hate you.” – Jim Harrick

Hadley Foster Jr.

Ps. 71: 18 Proclaim

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