Pirate Track & Field Day for Students in Special Ed

Friday before we left for spring break we held our 1st Annual Pirate Track & Field Day for our students in special education as well as students from Medina Valley, Natalia, Somerset, and Devine. There are SO many people, volunteers, and sponsors that we would like to thank, but there is no way I could mention everyone. If you participated or helped or sponsored in any way, thank you so much.

I do want to send out a "shout out" to all Lytle Elementary 5th grade students and teachers. Thank You! Thank You! If you didn’t happen to be there during the time Roberto & Cristobal ran their first race, you missed it! The students and teachers cheered so loudly for these 2 participants that Jay Tope, our announcer, couldn’t even hear himself talk! It was a great moment. It is the exact reason why years ago we began to include all students with special needs in the general education setting.

Overall it was a huge success and we hope to continue this in the future. I do want to thank ALL the teachers that brought their students out to see the event, it was great to see the stands full of Lytle Pirates of all ages. 

The kids are the ones that benefitted the most from this day, both Special Education and General Education. According to sophomore Camryn Hoffman, “Everyone was just filled with love. There was so much happiness, EVERYWHERE. I wish we could do this more than once a year.” 

Thank you Mrs. Migura and Skull Studios. They do an awesome job covering our events. Check out the drone footage!


Robby Pierce
Director of Special Education
Lytle ISD